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[giorno voice] FUCK OFF MILES ([personal profile] upshur) wrote 2016-10-16 08:29 pm (UTC)


‣‣ PLAYER: Pax
‣‣ CONTACT: [ profile] forzare
‣‣ BACKTAGGING: Always and forever!
‣‣ THREADJACKING: Provided the thread isn't private.
‣‣ FOURTHWALLING: If applicable.
‣‣ POST TYPE: [Action] or prose is fine. I tend to default to action, though.
‣‣ TRIGGERS/SENSITIVE SUBJECTS: None really, but I'll let you know.

‣‣ AFFECTION/FLIRTING: Go ahead, he thinks he's a #TUFFGUY but desperately needs TLC.
‣‣ VIOLENCE/FIGHTING: No stranger. Go ahead, but be ready to deal with the Walrider.
‣‣ MIND READING: Let's coordinate on this.
‣‣ UNDERWEAR: Haise Sasaki handles this thx. :)
‣‣ ETC.: Outlast is a horror-survival game set in a mental institution. There is. Depravity.

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